Using Escorts, Should I Be Ashamed?

Using escort services are a source of shame for many people. Although prostitution has been around since the dawn of time, it still causes men issues. There really shouldn’t be any shame involved as long as it’s only a periodic thing. There are also times when an escort can be a good thing.

Certain Needs

As humans we all have a sexual drive. When that isn’t met, we can suffer from depression and other mental issues. We need to have to sex, and we need to feel intimate with others. So while masturbation is helpful, it just doesn’t cut all the time. In these cases an escort can help you fulfill those needs without causing shame.

Important Meetings

If you need to impress a new client, or have an important business function to attend, showing up with a beautiful woman on your arm can score you major brownie points. An escort service is a great way to do this, as you can be assured you will have a high class woman who is attractive and well spoken. There is no shame in this either as long as you don’t call a lot of attention to the fact that you paid for your date.


If you start using escorts on a regular basis for no other reason than you can, then it may become problematic. It still shouldn’t be a source of shame, but you may want to explore why you feel the compulsive need to do this. In many cases people can become addicted to escorts, and this should be addressed with a professional.

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