Jun 4 2011

How To Book An Escort Online?

With the advances in technology, booking an escort for the evening online is easier than ever. Many services offer profiles and availability calendars online. Some services now dispatch nationwide as well, allowing you to book an appointment regardless of where you are. If you are thinking of trying the internet to book an escort, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Local Services

You’re going to be better off finding a website that only deals with escorts locally. The chances of the girls matching their profiles are increased this way, and the people who do the bookings typically know the girls as well. Using a local service also ensures a timely arrival.

Have A Backup

If you’ve found a girl that you really are interested in, then go ahead and request her. However, you may not be the only person looking at her profile. Try to find a couple of girls that you would be okay with. At the very least, you can include information on which attributes are important to you. This way if you like brunettes but the girl you have chosen isn’t available, you won’t end up with a redhead.

Get Clear Rates

Most services will only list their base rates online. Once the girl gets there you may find that they demand more money for extra services. This is industry standard. Before the girl shows up, ask for the service or the girl to contact you by phone. This way you get a more clear idea of what the rate will include, and how much extra you will need to get what you want.

May 14 2011

Addicted To Escort Services

Escort services are popular all over the world. You can book an escort and have them show up to your door in under an hour. With it being so easy to do this, many people get addicted to them. Here’s how you can tell if you have a problem and what to do to solve it.

More Than Once A Week

Many men find themselves calling for the same escorts several times a week. While calling for an escort once or twice a month isn’t necessarily excessive, more often than this can be harmful to both your checking account and your relationships. It’s also not uncommon for men to become addicted to a single escort. This happens when they start to form an emotional connection with them. Since escorts have to feign interest in their clients, it’s easy to get the signals crossed.

What To Do

If you think you are addicted to escort services you should take a few steps to help break the cycle. First cancel your credit cards. This may seem drastic, but if you want to steer clear this is a good step. Second, seek professional help. You may have an addictive personality, or you may be addicted to sex. Either way the cycle is unhealthy and should be addressed. You can find therapists that specialize in sexual compulsion that can help you tremendously. Many health insurance programs will also cover the cost of therapy as this can be considered a mental illness. Even if you pay out of pocket for help the cost of a therapist once a week is far cheaper than the cost of the escort.

Apr 27 2011

Finding Local Escorts

Whether you are traveling in an unfamiliar town, or just want some company for the evening, a local escort service can help you out. Finding local services will be your best bet, as these services are typically closer to the girls and faster to show up. There are a couple places you can look to find a local escort.

Yellow Pages

Most cities have a list of services in the yellow pages. These may be under the heading ‘escort’ or ‘adult entertainment’. Try escort first since adult entertainment can also include gentlemens clubs. Just start calling the services listed to find out what kind of girls they have available and what the going rates are.


Many escort services have web pages now with profiles of the available ladies. The down side to this is it’s hard to verify if they are truly local. You can cross reference the name in the phone book though to ensure they are local. The advantage to using the web for this is you can see the girls photos before they are dispatched.

Another great place to check online would be escort review sites. With these sites people can post about the experiences they’ve had with local escorts in the past. Not only will this allow you to find local women, it can also help you determine which services you should stay away from.

Mar 18 2011

Needing a date in a rush

Finding a date in a hurry can be problematic. If you have an important function to attend and what to impress people, your date will be even more important. There are options available though that won’t create unneeded stress.

Escort Services

Escort services can be found globally. The women who work for these services are attractive, and varietal. You can find women of all ages and ethnicities. Some escorts also specialize in certain areas, such as girlfriend experiences or social interactions.


The cost of an escort will vary tremendously depending on where you are at and what you are looking for. For instance, an escort in New York City may cost as much as $400 an hour, while an escort in a small town in North Carolina may be less than half of that. The cost is also dependent on the girl. Women who are dominatrix or other specialties could charge double the going rate. If you are wanting more than just a date you will have to pay extra, and that is based entirely on what the woman charges.

Finding Escorts

There are a couple ways to find an escort service when you need a date in a hurry. Start in your local phone book. This is the best way to find a local service that can assure you an attractive date on time. If you would rather see the ladies available first, find out if they have a website. Many services have created websites so you can view the escorts profiles before choosing one.

Feb 27 2011

Using Escorts, Should I Be Ashamed?

Using escort services are a source of shame for many people. Although prostitution has been around since the dawn of time, it still causes men issues. There really shouldn’t be any shame involved as long as it’s only a periodic thing. There are also times when an escort can be a good thing.

Certain Needs

As humans we all have a sexual drive. When that isn’t met, we can suffer from depression and other mental issues. We need to have to sex, and we need to feel intimate with others. So while masturbation is helpful, it just doesn’t cut all the time. In these cases an escort can help you fulfill those needs without causing shame.

Important Meetings

If you need to impress a new client, or have an important business function to attend, showing up with a beautiful woman on your arm can score you major brownie points. An escort service is a great way to do this, as you can be assured you will have a high class woman who is attractive and well spoken. There is no shame in this either as long as you don’t call a lot of attention to the fact that you paid for your date.


If you start using escorts on a regular basis for no other reason than you can, then it may become problematic. It still shouldn’t be a source of shame, but you may want to explore why you feel the compulsive need to do this. In many cases people can become addicted to escorts, and this should be addressed with a professional.

Jan 7 2011

Paying For A Girlfriend

The idea of paying for a girlfriend may be taboo, but the concept has been around for centuries. And while you may not want to think about paying for a date, it does have some advantages. Here’s what you should know about hiring an escort for the evening.

Hourly Charges

Most escorts will charge a flat rate per hour for a date. If you are wanting to go out and have a good time, find out if they have discounts if you prepay for a certain number of hours. This way you can have the complete girlfriend experience without her rushing out of your flat when you’re done.


Escorts will expect tips on top of the hourly rate. The tip is essentially how you pay for sex. They may have a certain amount that is required to tip before hand for different sex acts. You can find out before you hire her how much tip is expected.

Girlfriend Experience

Many escorts advertise a ‘girlfriend experience’. If you are wanting to feel like you are on a date, and not just paying for sex, this is what you are wanting. The girlfriend experience will likely cost a little more, but it will get you several hours with a woman who is truly interested in you, and a good end to the evening as well.

Dec 18 2010

Escort Blowjob Services

Finding an escort service can be the fastest way to find sex when you want it. With an escort you typically have a sure thing. The cost of the service is typically comparable to what you would pay on a date, only without wondering what will happen at the end of the date. If you are looking for more than just company though, there are a few things to keep in mind.


While an escort service in and of itself is not illegal, sex is. No matter how it’s worded or phrased, you are essentially paying a woman to perform sexual acts. Most escort services will advertise a variety of legal activities, such as exotic dancing, lingerie modeling, nude modeling, and adult company. If you ask the service what other services they provide, they will almost always tell you nothing else. You should speak with the girl one on one to find out more.

Extra Services

If you are wanting more than just a model, as most people who call services do, you will need to discuss the extracurricular activities with the escort herself. While it’s not a good idea to come right out on the phone and ask for a blow job, you can find out if they are willing by asking a key question. Ask if she is ‘full service’. This term has become synonymous with sex in the industry. Also as what type of tipping is expected. Tipping is how you pay for extra services. She will likely give you a price range. You can expect a blow job to be somewhere in the middle of that range.

Nov 30 2010

Paying For Online Sex Cam Services

With webcams being so prominent now, enjoying a live peep show has never been easier, there are a few sites oput there that have excellent Swingers Videos some you can even view for free. To enjoy this in the past you had to go to a seedy club and pay quite a bit of money. Now you can do it from the comfort of your home. You also have more choices by using a sex cam service.

Find Your Niche

Are you wanting to watch women strip, or would you prefer hardcore action? Do you have a certain fetish you want a woman to portray? You are going to be able to find any type of show you want online. Don’t click on the first site you find. Instead take some time to find the ones that you are going to be happiest with.

Monthly Memberships

Some sex cam services offer pay per view shows or monthly memberships. The pay per view show can be good if you only need to spend a few minutes and don’t foresee yourself taking advantage of this service often. If, however, you think you’ll want to use it daily or weekly, a monthly membership is probably the better way to go. With monthly memberships you typically get full access to most shows, and may just have to pay an upcharge for premium shows. These are typically billed to your credit card each month until you cancel the membership.

Nov 6 2010

What Are Escorts?

An escort service provides attractive women for adult entertainment purposes. In most areas going beyond basic entertainment is prohibited by law, but it is still synonymous with these services. People choose to use escort services for a variety of reasons.


For many men some wants need to be fulfilled without dealing with the issues related to a relationship. An escort service can provide this for a fee. The benefit is you will get exactly what you are looking for and won’t have to deal with spending money on a date and not knowing if it will work out the way you want it to in the end.


Many escort services employ women who are skilled in different fetishes. This can make it a lot easier if you are in to something that isn’t so bland. With this option there is no embarrassment, and no awkwardness when you are trying to meet people who can fulfill your desires.

Making An Impression

An escort service is also a great way to find a beautiful woman to accompany you to important events. If you want to go to a business party with a beautiful woman on your arm, this is a good way to do this without stressing over it. Even if you don’t have anything planned but just want to go out on the town with a woman that will turn heads, an escort service may be a good option. This can also help guarantee a happy ending to the evening.

Oct 30 2010

Online adult dating services

Online dating services make finding a good match much easier. With these adult dating services, you don’t have to put much effort in to finding someone that will be compatible. There are a few different types of services out there. Here’s what you should know about the differences.

Full Service

If you simply don’t have the time to scroll through thousands of profiles, you can hire an adult dating service to do the work for you. You will still need to fill out some basic information, and submitting a video for the staff may also be required. These services do cost more money than the alternatives, but they work by using a professional staff that has experience in match making to find potential dates for you. Once you are matched, you will be able to meet your match and see where it goes. If it works, fantastic, if not, the staff will try to find other matches for you.

Dating Websites

If you don’t mind going through profiles in your spare time, you can sign up for a dating website. Unlike the matchmaking services, these are more affordable and you do the legwork. Many of these sites will offer a free trial where you are given limited access to the site. After that you pay membership fees, and these are typically under $100. You will create a profile complete with photos, and scroll through other profiles until you run across one that sounds like it has potential. Don’t limit yuourself to adult dating sites, many of the swingers sites out there have a huge number of members and are a great place to meet someone. From there you can chat online, on the phone, or meet up in person. The biggest advantage to this is you leave your dating life in your own hands.